What type of material is used for shot blasting?

Preparing metal surfaces for restoration is vital. Good preparation will result in a much better finish and reduce the risk of issues. The most important part of this process is to strip away old paint, corrosion, dirt and contaminants. Any of these could affect how well the new paint or coating bonds with the surface. The best way to clean and prepare most metal parts is shot blasting.

A choice of shot

The greatest thing about using blasting to clean and prepare metal is there is a choice of different media. This means there are options to suit various needs. For example you can choose a material that is very hard and angular so it can strip tough coatings from the hardest metals. On the other hand you can choose beads if the metal is softer and there is a higher risk of pitting.

The different types of blast media include:

  • Abrasives – such as steel and iron grit
  • Beads – steel, iron or even glass balls
  • Expandable – including iron silicate that expands on impact
  • Natural – a wide range of different natural materials can be used, including walnut shell and soda

Which to choose?

Shot blastingIt is important to select the type and grade of shot to suit the application. You need to ensure it will effectively strip the metal but not damage it. In addition you need to think about things like whether you can reuse or recycle the material.

It is a good idea to test blast part of the item to see what happens. Usually the blaster will do this in an area that is not visible. If there are any concerns about damage, it is also wise to start with a softer shot and then work up to a harder, more abrasive one if necessary.

Reliable shot blasting services

At Elite Powder Coatings we have the skills to carefully blast various metal surfaces. We will select the right type and grade of shot, keeping in mind the material we are working with. Primarily we work with G12 shot but we have access to a wide array of other materials.

If you would like a first rate shot blasting service, rely on us. We even offer wet painting and powder coating. Therefore we can give every newly blasted item a new coating and help you along with the restoration.